Dick Bailey
Submitted by Diane Reinert

Richard Bailey, known to many as, "Dick" was a soft spoken man, thin in stature, but for those who knew him, he was in no way a small man. Although he was a man of few words, it was quite clear to everyone that he always said what he meant and meant what he said. Born in Kentucky, and a veteran in the Korean war, Dick married Ivory Justice in 1954. They moved to Ohio with their two young sons, Richard Ernest (Ric), and Robert Thurman (Rob), in 1956. In 1958, they had their third child, Diane Lynn. They bought a home in Columbus Ohio, where he worked as a semi mechanic for CCC Trucking Company for 33 years. He was an honest, intelligent, talented, compassionate, and generous man who loved his family very much.

Dick was a very intelligent and knowledgeable man. In his later years he enjoyed the challenge of a good crossword puzzle, and he also enjoyed watching the game show Jeopardy on T.V. It was not uncommon to find him sitting on the couch just reading the dictionary. He was a collector of knives, guns, and coins. He also had a collection of Jesse Stuart books which he enjoyed reading. Throughout his life, his greatest hobby was bluegrass music. He was an accomplished guitar and banjo player, which gave him many hours of enjoyment. Many people knew of him because of his talent as a musician. His love of music was passed down to his sons.

Needless to say, Dick loved his family very much, and everyone knew that he was a man that didn't tolerate disrespect, especially toward his wife Ivory. He often spoke of what a wonderful wife Ivory was, and in speaking about her to others, he would always say that Ivory was the best person he ever knew. He was a thoughtful husband, and never forgot to show his love to Ivory by always remembering to give her a special card on any holiday or occasion. Ivory remembers that Dick was a compassionate man, who had a soft spot in his heart for older people and children. She also recalls that Dick didn't like being away from home at night. He didn't like change, and he didn't like the idea of getting old, but most importantly, he loved his family.

Indeed, Dick dearly loved his grandchildren. They made him very proud. His face would light up when he saw them, and he truly enjoyed being a grandpa and spoiling his six grandchildren. He got a lot of enjoyment from his grandchildren when they were small, and he spent a lot of time playing with them, taking them places and buying them things. He loved spoiling them at Christmastime, and on their birthdays and all throughout the year. Without a doubt, his grandchildren filled his life with much happiness.

In the same way, his grandchildren loved him very much. Each of his grandchildren have their own special memories of their grandpa. Dick's grandson Nathan remembers his grandpa teaching him to shoot a BB gun, and always having a toy or surprise for him each time he would come to visit. Eric remembers his grandpa Bailey teaching him to shoot a gun, and how to whittle with a knife. As a little boy, Eric thought his grandpa was bigger than life, and he has many special memories of him which he will always cherish. Lucas remembers going to the flea market with his grandpa, and watching him play music. He also remembers going to work with him on occasion when he was just a little boy. Shawn has memories of playing hide-n-seek with his grandpa. He also remembers him hiding eggs at Easter time. Brandy remembers her grandpa calling her "Sug", which is short for Sugar. She also recalls that he would always share his favorite ice cream (vanilla bean) with her. One of her special memories is when she went to the Bluegrass Store, which is where he liked to play music, and surprised him, while wearing her graduation cap and gown. Grandson, Bobby recalls that his grandpa looked serious. Bobby said of his grandpa, "He would have a serious look on his face, give me something, and then grin from ear to ear."

Equally important, Dick's children have fond memories of their dad. Diane remembers many special things about her dad, some of which include the sound of music that filled the house when she was growing up. He always gave her fast gentle pats on the cheek, and her most special memory is the nickname "Beed", which is short for the comic strip character Beetle Bailey. As far back as she could remember, he never called her anything but Beed or Beetle Bomb. Diane said of her dad, "I will always and forever be daddy's little Beed." Rob, who always called his dad "Pappy", remembers his dad as an incredibly wonderful man, and said of his dad, "Dad never let me down or turned me down." Rob remembers his dad telling him that he was proud of him. Dick thought a great deal of Rob's wife Toni. Rob remembers his dad saying, "Toni's one of a kind."

Dick was a man with a lot of integrity. Ric remembers most of all his dads integrity and generosity. Ric said of his dad, "He was a generous man who never expected anything in return." Ric recalls his dad's kindness to strangers, and the good example he showed him by being a kind and generous person to anyone that was in need. Ric enjoyed many special times with his dad sharing their love of bluegrass music. Their closeness was apparent to everyone, and when Dick passed away on September 16, 1999, Rob said that, "Ric was our rock." Dick died of heart failure one week before his 70th birthday. On his headstone is an etched picture of a banjo, which will forever be a reminder of the talented man who is sorrowfully missed.



There are four words I'd love to hear,
they meant the world to me.
There are four words I'd love to hear,
they're simple as can be.
There are four words I'd love to hear,
I dream of them each night.
There are four words I'd love to hear,
In my heart, I hold them tight.
There are four words I'd love to hear,
just one last time I plead.
These four words my daddy said.
Simply,......"I love you Beed."


SPECIAL NOTATION from: Diane ( Dick's daughter)

I would like to express my gratitude to both of my sister-in-law's, Cathy Bailey and Toni Bailey, for their love and support since Dad's passing. I appreciate so much Cathy's strength and loving support for myself, and for my brother Ric. And also to Toni for her love and dedication in always being there for my Mom. They have helped me through a very difficult time. I"m sure that my Dad would be proud of them both.

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